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Transforming visions into actionable strategies 

Company Booster is a Sales Enablement agency

specialising in transforming visions into actionable

strategies and driving growth. 


Company Booster

Whether you're navigating the complexities of your sales team scale or seeking alignment, we stand by your side as your trusted partner, offering expert guidance and sales transformation services to propel your journey forward.

We specialize in product, marketing, sales, and operations across diverse industries. Working with B2B, B2C, enterprises, and SMBs, we engineer tailored solutions, leveraging our unique blend of skills and perspectives to tackle challenges and ensure client satisfaction and success

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Eynat Bing

Our Services


Sales Team Scale-Up

Companies challenges - 

  • Transferring founder's deep product knowledge to a new sales team 

  • Onboarding new sellers/AE/AMs 

  • Reducing time to new sales 

The Need -

  • Transitioning from an intuitive process to a documented and replicable sales strategy

  • One clear sales process 

  • Sales enablement tools 

  • Monitoring and tracking process 


Offering Transformation 

Companies challenges - 

  • Moving from product led sales to Solution/ Platform led sales 

  • Transitioning from mid size customers to Enterprise customers

The Need -

  • Customer centric sales process

  • One pitch, clear messaging - Sales team alignment 

  • Enterprise sales process

  • Sales enablement tools 

  • Monitoring and tracking process


Product Market Fit 

Companies challenges - 

  • Transform from a pain thesis to a crystallised customer pain points and value 

  • Transform from an idea to Product-Marketing-sales process 

The Need -

  • Discovery and validation embedded process 

  • Product - Marketing - Sales alignment 

  • Simple internal process 

  • Translate the founder led sales to enablement, tools and process

What Our Clients Say

Company Booster has leveraged our go-to-market plan while assisting us in creating a market focus, enhancing marketing language, and creating a much better product offering. Company Booster team is sharp, professional, and dedicated to the process and the results."

Ronen Barel, CEO, Galooli

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Our Clients





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